Friday, January 2, 2009

Freya's Valkyrie Brunhilde For Protection For Women

Freya's - Valkyrie - Brunhilde

No women in these chaotic, dangerous days should be without their ow personal Valkyrie -Shield maiden.

According to the new Laws of Quantum Physics the Valkyries still live and exist in the timeless, infinite Quantum Ocean.

Thinking and meditating upon a particular Valkyrie will attract her energies into your Aura. What ever energies you carry in your Aura you can project out into your physical reality.

Project one Valkyrie to each of the four corners of your home, so that you will be protected while you sleep, take one with you when you leave for work.

Do not pooh - pooh the power of your mind nor the power of your imagination. According to the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics your whole physical reality of today is a result of your own mind and thoughts. Think the protection of a Valkyrie into your life. She will protect you from harm caused by negative thoughts. Think your own life or become part of someone else's thought world.

Let's talk about Brunhilde (Brynhilde), since she is the most famous of the Norse/Germanic Valkyries, she is the main character in the Volsunga Saga. It is a must read.

Richard Wagner used Brunhilde in his opera "The Ring of Nibelungen." Brunhilde is also famous as Sleeping Beauty!

Two kings Hjalmgunnal (The elder) and Agnar (The younger) decided to fight. Odin sent Brunhilde to give victory to the older king. She disobeyed and gave victory to the younger, handsome king.

Odin punished her. He turned her into a mortal woman and imprisoned her in a remote castle in the Alps. His curse put her to sleep (sleeping beauty) and she slept behind a wall of thorns ( Rune Thorn).

Siegfried, the slayer of the Dragon Fafnir, entered the castle, kissed her and woke her up. He promised to marry her but his destiny lay elsewhere and the Norns wove him a new path to follow.

When you invoke Brunhilde, always see her in conjunction with the Rune Thorn (protection), and in her battle garb.

Brunhilde plays a major part in Wagner's four opera titles. “Der Rings Des Nibelungon.” You can find it on a CD somewhere on the Net. It is well worth watching. I have limited space on my pages to write about Brunhilde. But the INTERNET is full of information about her.

Look at "The Saga of the Volsungs," " The Poetic Edda" or just type in Valkyries or Brunhilde. This will give you the information you will need to start your Valkyrie meditations for protection.

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